Why Colombo City Walks?

Why Not?

Colombo is the capitol of Sri Lanka as everyone knows and when a tourist stops by in the city during their long looked forward to vacation, you need to have something to do besides visit the array of fantastic shops!

The architecture of these buildings hidden within this busy action-packed market are absolutely phenomenal. From a photographers prospective, they a fantastic opportunity to 'capture' it in just the right angle. 

When we way 'action-packed market' we mean it. From a tourist point of view, its where the bargains are for sure - but its not an area you would go to unless you are accompanied by a local. 

And, of course, as in any market around the world, fruits and vegetables that you see here are fresh from the harvest. being a tropical country you can imagine the wide array fruits we have to offer right? We will actually buy and ask you to taste some of these - every few months are a 'season' for one specialty fruit or the other. be it Mangoostine, Rambutan or even Durian! Many varieties of Mangoes and Banana's are found year-round. 

Now think about it - will you be able to do a fraction of what I mentioned above if you drove through?


  1. What a fantastic idea.What is the average duration and the length that you cover on these excursions?

  2. been on one... what a superb experience!!
    Colombo in a whole new perspective...


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