“A wonderful finale to our Sri Lankan Holiday”
5 of 5 starsReviewed May 18, 2013
Having read reviews on Trip Adviser for many years but never having posted anything before I feel compelled to break that as we had a superb experience yesterday on a very interesting and informative tour of Colombo. Before visiting the city we had heard that many people recommended giving it a miss and concentrating their time on the rest of Sri Lanka. Therefore we were uncertain of what to expect from our 1 day stay but having spent 3 hours with the charming, enthusiastic and extremely articulate Mark Forbes on his walking tour we were very glad that we decided to visit the city. Mark is passionate and extremely well informed about Sri Lanka and Colombo in particular and he guided us through the Old Fort area where we saw all the amazing old buildings,many of which were thankfully beginning to be refurbished. After a stop for a cup of tea in the Grand Oriental Hotel looking out over the Harbour Area and imagining what it was like in days gone by we headed to Pettha where we were quickly immersed in all the sights, sounds and scents of the bustling trading area. All in all a fascinating way to spend 3 hours with Mark who clearly is very well liked and respected by many of the locals we met en route. Put this on your to do list.
Visited May 2013


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